PINKGUY is phonetically derived from the Malay word "Bingkai", which translates to "frame" in English

WinSon Loh was born in 1968 into an average family where his father owned a furniture workshop located in Salak South, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

On one ill-fated Tuesday morning during the national chaos of 1969, one-year-old WinSon went for a drive with his parents that resulted in him never seeing his beloved father again. Armed strangers stopped their car and ordered his then pregnant mother and him to get out of the car. The armed men commandeered the vehicle and forced his father to drive the car to an unknown destination. This was the last that WinSon and his mother would ever see the man they loved and depended upon. These events led to great hardships and misery for the family.

As a fulltime housewife, WinSon’s mother hadn’t the ability to manage the furniture workshop and was forced to close the business. Facing the dire straits of not having an income, his mother was forced to become a housekeeper to support and feed the family. This was a very difficult time for her as the pay was minimal and she had to work day and night just to earn enough to survive.

Despite his impoverished childhood, WinSon did his very best in primary school and earned a scholarship that financed his tuition at the Confucian Private Secondary School. Having no money to pay for his bus fare and school meals, at the tender age of 12 years old he had to rise as early as 3 o’clock in the morning to work at the local dim-sum restaurant to earn RM 8 every week. While this afforded him transportation to his studies it wasn’t sufficient to pay for his daily meals. He would do the homework of the well-to-do just to get a piece of bread as sustenance to survive his school life.

Being a creative and talented lad, he participated in charity art exhibitions organized by his school. While the other children’s parents framed their work, he was the only artist participating who could not afford to do so. It was then that he made a promise to himself to one day craft his own frames.

As a teenager both working and studying became more of a commitment than WinSon was able to bare. His studies suffered and he lost his full scholarship. He continued working for the dim-sum restaurant and continued his education as best he could. However, at the age of 15 he quit school and was accepted into an apprenticeship as a frame maker. Throughout his teens he worked diligently to develop his knowledge and skill in the craft of frame making. However, being blessed with natural artistic abilities WinSon took the craft to a higher level, where the frame as well is a piece of art.

He took on a partnership and started a frame-making business in the early nineties. He has been recognized as the first 3-D frame-maker in Malaysia. When the McDonalds launched their Teddy Bear collection in 1999, WinSon created his unique frame to better protect and display the stuffed toys as collectables. He would hold a sample and hand out leaflets to customers queuing at the fast food restaurants.

Winson Loh has been featured in television, magazine and newspaper articles, over 30 times

Winson Loh has been featured in television, magazine and newspaper articles, over 30 times as his business and reputation have grown over the years.

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In 2007 his ambition and determination to expand his art and take control of his destiny led him to take the leap to forge ahead and manage a business of his own. He established his brand PINKGUY in 2007; a moniker with a catchy tone, a friendly image, and synonymous with quality, customer service, and artistry. PINKGUY is phonetically derived from the Malay word "Bingkai", which translates to "frame" in English. In 2008, in conjunction with the celebration of his 25th anniversary of frame-making, WinSon created his signature work, an innovative and stylish frame which is most popularly recognized by its elegant diamond signatures. His inimitable energy and personal style has led some to refer to him as "Malaysia’s Most Revolutionary Frame-maker".