Fine Art Conservation Framing

We prove unique custom framing solutions and quality service to public and private collectors, individuals, and artists. Our philosophy is to create safe and protective framing environments to preserve and accentuate the techniques and materials used in your masterpieces. The results are not just visually captivating but will extend the lifespan and enhance the value of your collection. Before we determine the appropriate framing and exclusive treatment options we give unique considerations to each piece of your collection as each piece is different and distinctive in its own right. We are located at an exclusive service apartment in the KL City Center and available by appointment only (please see our “Contact” page). Our appointment only policy allows us to give you and your art our full attention and provide consultations in a quiet and private environment. We also have exclusive pre-framed pieces by a variety of artist available for viewing and purchase at our premises. Our business is fully insured and protected by a state of the art security system.

The Frame

We provide innovative custom framing solutions to suit your collection, requirements, decorations, and taste. Winson has a gift for enabling you to create a masterpiece for your masterpiece. Materials, colors, and textures are melded to bring out the best in you and your artwork. Once a design and materials are chosen we provide a detailed quotation. Winson’s signature “elegant diamond signature” adds a special touch that flashes a smile and a wink every time you gaze at your collection.

Mounting to conserve

Mounting with the conservation of your artwork in mind is one of the crucial parts of our innovative framing solutions. As the artwork is in direct contact with the mounting, the choice of mounting board is crucial in protecting your framed works.

Museum quality rag mat boards in a variety of widths and natural tones are designed to protect and preserve your collection. They are solid core and made from 100% cotton fiber, a traditional paper making material and proven stable over hundreds of years. They are not only acid free but are designed to absorb acid from the art as well as the environment. Using non-archival (acidic) or inappropriate materials to adhere or support artwork can result in unnecessary damage and possibly decrease your collection’s monetary value.

The glazing

We also provide glazing services for a variety of art mediums. As for works on paper, the glass should be mounted away from artwork to allow for air circulation within the framework. This is necessary to eliminate possible damage to your art caused by moisture, smoke, acidic fumes, and a host of other conditions that can threaten the artwork. Pastels and chalk drawings should be held at least 5-6mm from the glass, using either ‘forward’ wood, or double or triple mounts. Museum quality UV-filtering plexi-glass and glass are available and recommended to protect valuable collections from the color-fading UV-rays (light exposure has a pronounced effect on paper condition and pigments). These products also offer anti-reflective and anti-static properties.

The backing boards

Our framing solutions also include the use of proper backing boards. A matted or floated artwork needs to be backed and protected. An acid free corrugated board or a corrugated plastic board will keep your artwork acid free and guard against damage caused by drastic humidity changes. The backing is sealed with a special black tape, which protects the artwork and preserves the frame.

Inappropriate water based adhesives and tapes can cause severe damage, as these materials will allow dry-wood termites to penetrate the frame. Additionally, these adhesives often harden and become brittle, turning orange/brown in color, leaving unsightly marks or ruining the artwork. We use 3M Stoppers on our frame corners to prevent direct contact with wall surface and allow for proper air circulation around the artwork and frame.


We also offer personalised and professional services in the installation, display, and selection of works. We have an established reputation for commissioning works for both private and corporate sectors. We employ adjustable braided steel wire and a leveling laser for perfect installations without unnecessary damage to your walls. We use foam covered D-ring hangers to avoid scratches on your wall surfaces and to protect your artworks during movement and handling.